Foundation mission

The Michael Stich Foundation was established in 1994. It is recognized as a charitable and non-profit foundation and campaigns for HIV-infected, HIV-affected, and AIDS-suffering children.

Even though the number of infected people in the world is steadily rising, the illness receives little attention from the media and society. That's why, in 2006, the foundation made it its goal to also carry out public prevention and educational campaigns on the topic of HIV and AIDS.


Founder & Director
Michael Stich
Direction since founding in 1994

Chairperson of the foundation board
Arnt Vesper
Member of the foundation board since 2006

"When I personally got to know Michael Stich in August 2005 and he told me about his foundation and its tasks and goals (prevention and education in the area of HIV and AIDS) over a relaxing round of golf, it quickly became clear to me that I wanted to support the foundation. I have now been active on the foundation board of the Michael Stich Foundation since mid-2006 and working with not just other foundation board members, but with the entire team in Hamburg, is great fun. The successes of our campaign encourage me to resolutely say that my work on the foundation board has become a permanent fixture in my life."

Vice chairperson of the foundation board
Marc Ciunis
Foundation board
Member of the foundation board since 2014

"Due to my many years of friendship with Michael Stich and my connection to the Michael Stich Foundation as part of my role in the East Hotel, I am very involved in the foundation. When asked if I would like to make my personal contribution as member of the foundation board, the answer was clear from the outset. It feels good to do good."

Foundation board
Matthias Nixdorf 
Member of the foundation board  2008 - 2017

"Giving back to people who deserve, require or need assistance makes us feel alive. My father showed me – and that is already more then 30 years ago - that it is a privilege to give to people who are in the needs of something. When I met Michael in 2005 he deeply reminded me on this.  It was the first time that I got connected to people with special needs. Since than my wife Cornelia and I are connected to Michael and his work. We are more than proud of working with him. We hope and believe that we can be good in helping people with special needs who sometimes need more attention than others in their life."

Foundation board
Gabriela Ulrich-Schneider
Member of the foundation board since 1997

"The future of a society are the children. They do not have to be there for us, we have to look after them, particularly if they are excluded due to their illness. The Michael Stich Foundation does this with unbureaucratic direct aid, education, fulfilling of small wishes and much more – true to its motto; give children the gift of laughter."


The Michael Stich Foundation finances itself exclusively through donations. These are made by the founder himself as well as by individuals, clubs and companies. This is to allow the assets of the foundation to be maintained and increased thanks to contributions. Capital income is to be ensured and the tasks and objectives of the Michael Stich foundation are to be secured in the long term. As the director and foundation board offer their services voluntarily, it is possible to keep the administrative costs to a minimum.

Direct aid

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