Children infected with HIV and suffering from AIDS and their families still only receive limited compassion in our society. On top of the physical and psychological consequences, those affected also suffer from social ostracism and even poverty. This makes dealing with an illness, which will accompany the children for their entire lives, even more difficult.

I would like to use my foundation to give the important topic of HIV and AIDS more public attention again, to minimise the social isolation of the affected children and families and to make their lives a little easier.

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Welcome to the
Michael Stich Foundation

The non-profit Michael Stich Foundation was founded in 1994 by Michael Stich. We campaign for children infected with and affected by HIV and suffering from AIDS as well as their families.

As our work is exclusively financed by donations, we are pleased with your contribution.

Alongside direct help, which helps the children thanks to personal contributions, we are also actively involved in prevention and education in Hamburg's schools. We want to raise awareness of HIV and AIDS with the schoolchildren and dispel unfounded fears.

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25-year anniversary and
15 years of the Dragon Boat Cup in 2019

The Michael Stich Foundation turned 25 in 2019. Our Dragon Boat Cup also celebrated a nice anniversary. The charity event founded by us was held for the 15th time on June 14

With a good atmosphere and lots of ambition, our teams from companies, clubs and many celebrities competed against one another in dragon boats on the Inner Alster Lake in Hamburg. The sporting event combines fun and joy with a good cause. The entire proceedings benefit our projects.

Here you can find impressions of past events and lots of information on the next date:

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Definition of HIV

'Human immunodeficiency virus'

A virus which gradually damages people's immune systems and leads to the onset of AIDS.

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Definition of AIDS

'Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome'

Immune deficiency, which occurs as a result of the destruction of the immune system caused by HIV. Various combined symptoms, usually severe infections and tumours, can no longer be overcome by the body and lead to death of the sufferer

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Direct aid

In order to receive help quickly, please find a network partner close to your town. To do so, simply enter your zip code or town into the search field and click 'Search'.

More information on our direct aid measures can be found here:


We organise presentations for schoolchildren from year 6, in which specialist doctors give information HIV & AIDS age-appropriately – because knowledge protects against becoming infected and breaks down reservations when dealing with those affected.

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A play about HIV and AIDS, which gives not only young people food for thought. The actor Michael Wanker hauntingly conveys what it means for a person to be infected with HIV.

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HIV and AIDS is a topic that seems to be rapidly disappearing from both the media and from people's heads. We are counteracting this with adverts in advertising columns and bus stops.

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Overcoming voicelessness

Every person has secrets, because what our feelings belong to us alone, as do the things we choose to tell others – or not. Everyone has the right and the freedom to choose who they want to trust. This is like a 'secret garden' that you offer to someone that you trust.
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